May 6 -18, 2020!!

Thank you!
For studying fine art with me.
Would you like to know more about the upcoming painting workshop in Spain? 
You are cordially invited for a casual afternoon informative gathering.  

(to be announced...)

I am very honored to have Paula Rodgers leading us on the trip scheduled for May 6 - 18.  Paula is a retired UCD lecturer on Spanish history.  Her passion is not only painting but Spanish food, travel, language, history, and so much more.  You will understand more about the generous nature of this gift she is sharing with us after meeting Paula.  Her wealth of knowledge is amazing and immense.
Get a taste of what is to come!  

Wine, beverages, and cheese will be served.  

RSVP 916 505-8253  
Bobbi Baldwin

Come paint with us in Sesamo, SPAIN!

With Paula Rodgers, PhD & Bobbi Baldwin, fine artist


Itinerary :

May 6: Arrive to Madrid, stay at Jardin de Recoletos (4 star hotel in the prime Salamanca shopping district)

May 7: A day to explore Madrid

May 8: Travel to Sesamo, stop in Vallodolid for lunch, Arrive at Casa Ana, our home for the next weeks.

May 9: Enjoy the beauty of Sesamo, paint in the morning and explore in the afternoon!

May 10: Excursion to Knights’ Templar Castle in Ponferrada

May 11: Work in the Casa Ana studio and around the beautiful landscape of the village and vineyards.

May 12: Excursion to the Village of Piornedo, in the national park of the Ancares

May 13: Capture the rise of the sun, visit the ancient Roman bridge for an afternoon painting

May 14: Excursion to Santiago de Penalba, tucked in the mountains near Ponferrada, with remarkable architecture

May 15: A day for explorations… Spend the day learning about what makes a great plein air study and how to take it further into a more formal painting. Or wander locally to find your perfect scene.

May 16: Excursion to Leon, visit the Pantheon of Kings, Church of San Isidoro,

May 17: Stay in with the artists, find a new excursion with the group, group critique discussion and showing

May 18: A final excursion… new place… or revisit one of our favorites to paint. Saying goodbye to Spain

May 19: Return to Madrid, stay at the Jardin de Recoletos

May 20: Return home


With Bobbi Baldwin & Paula Rodgers, PhD


May 6 to 18, 2020


Paula Rodgers, PhD         Bobbi Baldwin, Artist/Instructor         María José, Ruiz, Author & Editor




· Casa Ana is located in a tiny rural village, Sésamo. It is a rustic but immaculate house with comfortable accommodations, all rooms with bath and most with balconies. The house has a pleasant large dining room, a well-stocked bar, a large room in which we can meet for instruction, planning, critique, and where we can safely park our gear for the duration. The food is simple and plentiful, mostly locally grown, and simply prepared in traditional style. Ana is sensitive to and graciously responds to special dietary needs. We will breakfast every day at Casa Ana, typically in the traditional Spanish style of bread, butter, local honey and homemade preserves, coffee with milk or hot chocolate. Eggs are always a possible request. Most days we will lunch at the excursion sites. Dinners are at Casa Ana.


(DAY 5-12 - May 10-17: On each of the following days, we have the bus at our disposal for excursions, some full-day, some half.  The options are open to adjust to the group’s desires.  We will be going out every other day for 4 excursions and working in the studio or around Casa Ana on the days between.)







·         Day 8 - May 13: Is planned for working in the studio at Casa Ana, painting the scenery near where we stay and open for exploration. Bobbi will start us with a morning painting to capture the sunrise, for those who wish to adventure out for the break of dawn.  We will have a comfortable afternoon to paint a second painting as well.  This is such a gorgeous location with vineyards and rolling hills… or we just might paint the old Roman Bridge. Those who wish to work in the studio to finish up some paintings can also do this.


·         Day 9 - May 14:  Our third excursion will be to the tiny village of Santiago de Peñalba, tucked high in the mountains near Ponferrada. The 10th C. church, a "mozarabic" construction was built by Christian refugees from the Caliphate of Córdoba when the Muslims dominated most of Spain. The horseshoe arches are exquisite and the setting is remarkable.  We will paint and enjoy a picnic lunch.



·         Day 10 - May 15: Today we paint close to Casa Ana. We can spend the morning talking about how to make a painting into a masterpiece verses a study.  We will also talk about what makes a good study and what information to take back to the studio to do a final larger painting.  We will be working on the depth of space it takes to make your paintings really stand out.


·         Day 11- May 16: Excursion number four: You can paint or just tour the provincial capital León, our only major city visited other than Madrid. Some participants may opt for a day of rest and shopping. For painting, it is impossible to imagine a more beautiful subject than the Cathedral and her justly famous stained glass. We will visit the Pantheon of Kings in the 11th C. church of San Isidoro. The Pantheon frescos have resulted in it being dubbed the Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque. Not to be missed are the medallions marking the agricultural labors of each month of the year.  We will have an elegant lunch in the 15th C. pilgrim hospital San Marcos, now a five star hotel. After lunch, sketching in the gardens, or, a visit to the only art materials store to be found in the north of Spain!

Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque



·         Day 12 - May 17 Today we paint close to Casa Ana. We can spend the morning finishing up paintings, taking photos, and just enjoying the company of so many wonderful like-minded artists.  Sharing our findings and a critique on our work.  It will be fun to see all the paintings together and have a group gathering to enjoy the beauty of our week together.

*It is important to keep in mind that since the bus is at our disposal, we can change excursion destinations on a day-to-day basis. It is possible, for example, to return to a site that everyone falls in love with. It is also most certainly possible for a participant to pass on any given excursion and stay in to rest, finish a project or whatever.





The total cost per participant, not including airfare is:

$3600 single occupancy

· The cost is all inclusive except for the lunches and dinners in Madrid on the 6th to 8th and again the lunch and dinner in Madrid on the 19th to 20th.

· It does not include museum entrance fees or buses or taxis in Madrid, or refreshments and snacks other than lunch at the various “excursion” sites. Entrance fees and guide at all excursion sites are covered.

· There is no refund for excursions not taken.

· Participants make their own flight arrangements. However if the majority of participants arrive at Barajas airport in Madrid at the same time, it will be possible to arrange group transportation to the hotel.

- Participants are encouraged to research and purchase travel insurance.


A deposit of $500 by March 31, 2020 is requested to secure your place.  Check your airfares now… round trip tickets were in the $6xx price range, October 2019.

I would like to submit a deposit...


You may contact Bobbi at or Paula at with your questions


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